Little Yellow Cottage – Update 6

I have some great news – Planning Permission for the renovation work has been approved by the conservation people with a couple of minor restrictions so we’re all overjoyed and work will recommence as soon as it can be arranged.

It’s been a long winter but at least my roof is watertight and it’s given my walls the chance to dry out. George has spent a lot of time stripping my window frames of centuries of paint and putty that had keyed into the grain so badly that it could only be removed in tiny elements but it’s paid off and they’re now properly stripped. 

My walls are quite dry now although there’s work to be done where concrete still clings to some of my bricks but that can be done over time as other elements of the approved plan are actioned.

There is no intention to make any major changes and much of the work involves replacement of rotted beams and floorboards so my general construction now will be more or less what I look like when finished.


My doors will be open to the people of Whitby when complete and I hope you’ll be delighted with what has been done.

I am deeply indebted to the work of Neil Duffield of bhd partnership who was responsible for the submission and dealing with planning queries.

This is a simple message to keep all of you wonderful, caring people of Whitby up to date, I’ll get back to my stories in coming posts.

With love…Little Yellow Cottage x

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8 thoughts on “Little Yellow Cottage – Update 6”

  1. Lovely childhood memories of the little yellow cottage….my aunt olive and uncle Burt owned it ….I remember staying there as a child over 50 years ago with my family .Fresh bakers next door
    Happy days 🙂

  2. I was so pleased to hear your latest news and that soon you will be restored to your former beauty, I have loved you since I first saw you when my sister and I had a few days at Whitby a year gone February and we were thrilled to see you when we came again in September, with your scaffolding up and work being done. It’s a long job for you but will be worth it! We are coming again from County Durham to Whitby for a few days in June and will call and say hello to you dear Little Yellow Cottage xx

    • Dear Ruth, this is so kind that you have taken the trouble to comment.

      I will get George to walk around with a camera and incorporate some of the photographs before any work started, they’re not a pretty sight but do give you the reason for such a fundamental overhaul.

      Thank you again for your comment.

      Kind regards,

      Little Yellow Cottage xx

  3. I passed by on one of my frequent day trips and was so happy to see a nice new roof keeping her dry now. Are you able to post picture of the back of her (or is that to rude a request of a lady!) Her windows were boarded so I could not see her restored frames, but it’s still lovely to know she is getting all this TLC. What I am looking forwards to the very most though (sounds silly) is the step shaped crack in her wall above her name plate being fixed and her lovely painted name plate being repainted/repaired. -like the finishing touches to a ladiedms make-up!. So very lovely to see this happening this curious higgldy piggldy place ive loved and wondered about for so many years. ?

    • Thank you Judith, The front will be repaired and painted as you suggest. There was a small crack inside that necessitated some ties being incorporated into the walls and this has been done so any progression should have been halted.

      I’ll keep you posted as to progress as and when.

      Kind regards,

      Little Yellow College xx

  4. I was just thinking about the Little Yellow Cottage blogs and that we hadn’t heard from you for a while, then your most recent story appeared. Good to hear from you Little Yellow, sounds like Spring is bringing you to life with help from your talented friends. 🙂

    • Thanks Keeley, it’s been a long winter and Neil, the architect has done a sterling job. Now to to get on with it 🙂 Regards George x


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